Velos Designwerks

It is the culmination of over 20 years of experience in reading, writing and developing vehicle performance software for European cars that makes Velos Designwerks one of the most elite vehicle performance software developers. The list of cars that Velos’ cover proves that our knowledge is not limited to just one manufacturer. No car is exactly the same; we work tirelessly to program each car individually to achieve the best results. Whether you drive a BMW or a Bentley, our professional ECU tuning specialists can make your car drive exactly how the engineer’s intended, maximizing its potential. Velos Designwerks tunes pair perfectly with all ModalWorks hardware. ModalWorks parts with Velos tunes will take your vehicle to the next level.

Additionally, Velos Designwerks is a world class aftermarket wheel manufacturer. Each and every wheel is Engineered & Machined for your specific vehicle according to your vehicle’s make, model, modifications, and desired wheel size. There are several finish options available to fit your vehicle and style, and are available in diameters ranging from 18″ to 24″. With a performance first mindset and crafted from a solid mass of U.S.A. aerospace-grade pure non-compromised 6061-T6 aluminum , the Velos Collection, is a must for the enthusiast who does not believe in compromise.

Stealth Labs

Stealth Labs prides themselves with quality craftsmanship, the very best materials on the market, and the most competent professionals with years experience to carry out your chosen service. They have perfected our craft as a full service vinyl wrap company, specializing in design and unique wrap, and much more. Stealth Labs has continued to push the envelope in quality and creativity for the vehicle wrap industry.

Stealth Labs is ModalWorks’ chosen partner for all exterior vehicle modifications in the California bay area. ModalWorks parts with Stealth Labs craftsmanship and installation expertise can provide competitive full service carbon fiber installation and vehicle protection packages.

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