M177 Turbo Blanket

ModalWorks Turbo Blankets for the M177/M178 isolate the heat produced by the pair of turbochargers in the center of your engine bay. Turbo blankets...

M177/M178 Boost Tap

Create a reliable manifold pressure tap using the ModalWorks boost tap. Fits all M177 engines. Quick style 1/4 turn disconnect on right hand side...

Mercedes Extended Lug Bolts (10 pcs)

Lug Bolts
Ball seat Lug Bolts for Mercedes, VW, and Audi. Made from grade 10.9 steel with black finish. Come in three sizes: 40mm, 43mm, and...

W204 C250 High Flow Intake System

ModalWorks High Flow C250 Intake System The ModalWorks High Flow Intake System for the W204 Mercedes Benz C250 removes many of the limitations of...

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