C63 M177 Transmission Split Cooling

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 On the M177 vehicles, the same coolant is used to cool down both your intercoolers and transmission. Even at stock power levels, this is not sufficient as the vehicle quickly heat soaks and you are robbed of power due to high intake air temps. Additionally, your transmission has to fight for the same cooling capacity and generally runs hotter than desired. 

Our design solves these OEM shortcomings by completely divorcing your transmission oil from the intercooler fluid circuit. Our system uses a bar and plate oil cooler that mount directly to the front crash bar to directly cool your transmission without having a fluid oil/coolant exchanger. Using our custom billet fluid divorcer we are now about to reroute the transmission oil directly to it's own dedicated radiator. 

Transmission Cooler Details

  • -10AN fittings and lines for excellent flow
  • CNC billet aluminum end tanks
  • Bar and Plate style for increased strength and capacity
  • Core size is 575mm x  140mm x 40mm
  • Reuses factory oil thermostat to proper transmission warmup

Kit Includes

  • 1 x Bar and Plate Oil Cooler
  • 1 x Billet aluminum fluid divorcer with -10AN fittings
  • 2 x -10AN braided fluid lines
  • 2 x Cooler mounting brackets and hardware
  • 2 x Horn relocation brackets
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