Trackhawk Durango Twin Turbo Forward Facing Turbo Manifold

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Introducing the pinnacle of turbocharging technology – our Twin Turbo Turbocharger Manifold. Crafted with precision in the USA and meticulously designed in-house by our team of expert engineers, this manifold is engineered to elevate your vehicle's performance to unprecedented levels.

At the heart of this manifold is its billet collector and header flange. Designed with cutting-edge Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, every curve and contour of the manifold is optimized to minimize turbulence and maximize efficiency, ensuring a seamless flow of exhaust gases to your twin turbochargers.

The 3" V-band collector offers a secure and convenient connection point for seamless integration with your turbo setup, guaranteeing a leak-free seal for uncompromised performance. Constructed with premium 321 stainless steel, the runners are engineered for durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity even in the most demanding driving conditions.

Furthermore, our manifold features a CNC-milled head flange, ensuring a smooth exhaust flow transition from the engine to the turbochargers. This precision machining enhances exhaust gas evacuation, optimizing engine performance and turbocharger response.

Unique to our design, the collector is strategically positioned between the engine mount and oil pan, maximizing space efficiency and ensuring optimal placement for turbocharger installation. For seamless fitment, our manifold requires the use of our billet motor mounts, engineered specifically to accommodate this innovative configuration.

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