M276 C43 Performance Intake System

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Installation Instructions: Here

Key Features:

- Reduce IAT by 7° to 10° F compared to stock intake with the full enclosure option

- Reduced 60mph-130mph times by 1 second! 

- Increased boost pressure by up to 2psi above stock

- Manufactured from 2x2 carbon fiber with high temperature resin and coating

- Anodized billet aluminum flanges and MAP port adapters

-Professional wire harness extenders included

-Bolt on installation with hand tools in minutes

Vehicle Fitment:

2020 C43 AMG BASE (W205)
2019 C43 AMG BASE (W205)
2018 C43 AMG BASE (W205)
2017 C43 AMG BASE (W205)
2016 C43 AMG BASE (W205)



This intake system is constructed of 2x2 carbon fiber prepreg with high temperature resistance resin and coating. Additionally, the MAP sensor insert and tube connection pieces are made from Aluminum 6061 with black anodization for a stealthy look that won’t deteriorate over time. To round it out, there are custom silicone couplers that connect to the OEM air baffle at the front of the engine bay.

Side by side comparisons of stock vs ModalWorks intake show reduced IAT with more flow and more boost. That’s right, by removing excess restriction in the intake track, the turbos can breathe better, resulting in a better pressure ratio yielding more boost to your engine.

We often hear about the CFD company XYZ did, but it is clear that the design does not match what an optimal flow path would look like. There's an old saying, "garbage in is garbage out"... if the simulation analyst doesn't know what they are doing, the results are more or less useless. At ModalWorks, we have simulation experts on staff that knows how to properly use CFD to drive design improvements. The intake path on this unit went through numerous iterations to improve flow rate, reduce restrictions, and mitigate re-circulation within the intake system. Our results show that in this engine bay, it is possible to have a fully enclosed system that makes tons of power. The air intake path is completely enclosed to block all the hot radiant air that plagues so other designs.


Multiple data logs comparing our design against stock and the competition paint a pretty compelling picture. This design provides cooler air with a higher mass flow rate, resulting in more power. We went through multiple 60-130mph runs in 66°F weather and averaged results to determine the following:

-Reduced IAT 8°F lower than stock with the full enclosure option

-Increase Boost pressure by 2psi over stock across entire 60-130mph runs

-Improved mass airflow leading to substantial power increase

Increased boost pressure combined with lower IAT yields significant improvement in mass airflow, which is proportional to power. The MW intake nearly doubles the performance gains against other aftermarket brands. 

Dragy Results:
Dyno numbers are one thing but putting that power to the road is where it really matters. 60-130mph tests were conducted to compare the ModalWorks, OEM and a competitor product. All tests were done on the same day with the same weather. Comparing the average of 4 runs we obtained just over a 1s improvement over stock. Note, the competitor product went first on a fresh/cold engine and put down its best time on the first pull, every subsequent pull was slower. Additionally, the MW unit was tested after the competition, after things were already warmed up. Comparing the absolute best runs, we shaved off 0.93s from the stock intake while the competition shaved off 0.44s. All testing was done with our full enclosure option. 

Stock Intake Dragy

Competitor Intake Dragy

ModalWorks Intake Dragy

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