M177 Turbo Blanket

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ModalWorks Turbo Blankets for the M177/M178 isolate the heat produced by the pair of turbochargers in the center of your engine bay. Turbo blankets have been used to reduce turbo lag and improve IATs which can lead to improved engine power output. This blanket can assist in containing radiant heat transfer out from the turbine side of the turbocharger, which by keeping the heat contained and away from the cool side of the turbocharger, cooler air can reach the compressor, resulting in more power. With the proven lower engine bay temperatures, you can theoretically prolong the life of under bonnet components like plastics and hoses.

Key Features:
  • Constructed from Basalt Fiber Fabric (Lava Rock) that will withstand temperatures of 1200°F continuous exposure and up to 2300°F peak thermal loads.

  • Ceramic insulated padding for maximum heat retention

  • Stainless steel wire included for secure fastening

  • Stainless steel capstan rivets

We performed a multitude of tests, two of which are shown below:
1. Cold start idle to full engine temp: We started the vehicle with and without blankets and measured ambient air temperature vs engine bay temperature. In both cases, the vehicle warms up until the radiator fan kicks on, at which point the engine bay temperatures drop quickly (primarily due to increased air circulation within the engine bay). The turbo blanket shows a 30°F lower temperature at idle clearing proving that it is blocking a lot of the radiant heat from the turbos into the bay.

2. Cruising Speed Test: the test vehicle was run on similar stretches of highway (65mph) and measurements were taken from ambient air and engine bay. As shown, at cruising speeds we averaged 7°F lower engine bay temperatures across this 5 minute stretch. We tested this on multiple days with different speeds and we consistently recorded lower temperatures with our turbo blanket installed.

For how to install, please see our Installation Instructions.

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