M177 C63 Blowoff Valves

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The ModalWorks mechanical blowoff valve kit are a critical performance feature to help you push substantially past stock boost levels. These units are 100% mechanically controlled by engine vacuum, resulting in better throttle performance and modulation during both partial and full throttle driving modes. By divorcing your system from the stock ECU controlled unit, the OEM control units can no longer vent unexpectedly which is an annoyance for drivers. 

Additionally, you no longer have to worry if your system is holding boost properly, as the Turbosmart units use boost to its advantage.  When shut, your engines boost is supporting the valve closure which promotes an airtight seal, unlike other designs that rely on a stiff spring to fight boost pressure. This design ensures a great seal and is incredibly responsive so it vents air quickly between shifts. 

Each kit comes with OEM valve simulators so your ECU thinks the electronic diverter valves are still installed. No check engine lights!

100% Made in the USA.

Each Kit Includes:
  • 2 x Turbosmart Vee Port Blowoff Valves
  • 2 x MW boost pressure tubes
  • 2 x MW OEM diverter blockoff plates
  • 2 x MW valve simulators
  • Mounting hardware and clamps
  • 1/4" Vacuum line
Installation Instructions:


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