Trackhawk Durango TRX Thermal Spacers

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The Modalworks Thermal Isolation Spacer Kit for Trackhawk, Durango, and TRX models is engineered to address the heat transfer issues inherent in certain supercharger applications. Our kit improves performance by isolating the blower from the engine with a 1" thick composite plate, minimizing heat transfer from the block to the intake runners. Direct contact between the cylinder head and supercharger manifold can cause elevated operating temperatures, particularly in low-speed situations such as stop-start traffic.

Our Thermal Isolation Spacer Kit tackles this problem head-on by creating a thermal barrier between the cylinder head and the supercharger manifold. By reducing heat transfer, our spacers effectively lower intake air temperatures, resulting in tangible power gains and improved engine performance.

Moreover, our product eliminates the requirement for a factory gasket, which minimizes potential leaks and maintains consistent performance. The OEM design's factory gasket is notorious for its weakness and frequently permits supercharged air to seep into the crankcase, ultimately leading to excessive blowby and limiting airflow into the cylinders.

  • Eliminates problematic factory gasket
  • 1" thick composite construction for maximum thermal performance
  • Increased runner length for theoretically improved low-end torque 
  • Reduce crankcase pressure

Each Kit Includes:

  • 2x Composite 1" Thick Blower Spacers
  • 18x pre-installed high-temperature o-rings
  • 10x Zinc Plated High Strength Steel or Titanium Bolts
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