GLC63 Performance Methanol Injection System

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The Modalworks performance methanol injection system is the most complete solution on the market. It provides substantial intake cooling, octane boost, knock prevention and can supplement your fueling needs.

Each Kit Includes:

  • 115L/hour pump with custom mounting bracket 
  • 2.25 gallon tank with low level sensor and angled mounting bracket to promote flow to the pump
  • Progressive controller with low level indicator, safety checks, and boost gauge display 
  • 2x 5-ply silicone couplers in your choice of color
  • 2x billet aluminum nozzle holders
  • 2x nozzles in your choice of size
  • 3x AN4 custom length stainless steel lines
  • AN6 pump feed line
  • Integrated independent check valves with 30micron filter per nozzle
  • Additional 30 micron post pump water filter
  • Multitude of AN4 and AN6 adapters to make the install plug and play! 

Lines and Fittings:
You no longer need to worry about plastic quick connect lines and fittings leaking and causing a potential fire, our kit uses 100% stainless steel AN lines with billet fittings for leak proof and reliable performance. Each kit comes with a billet 30 micron water filter and check valves to eliminate unwanted backflow into your engine . We also include additional thread sealant free of charge.  

Couplers and Nozzles:

The lines attach to our custom billet nozzle holders that are fed into the Modalworks 5-ply silicone couplers to handle 50psi, available in your choice of color. You also have your choice of nozzle range, and each kit comes with two atomizers to give you fine adjustment over your methanol injection needs. The smaller set is great for stock turbo vehicles while the larger set is best for upgraded turbos or those who want to run 100% methanol.


 As far as controllers go, we went with the best on the market and offer two options for a progressive style with built in MAP sensor. This allows you to scale the injection with boost, resulting in smooth power delivery. The VC-50 controller is a gauge style that doubles as a boost gauge and displays the percentage of meth injection during operation. 

  • Electronically controlled injection via boost pressure / MAP
  • Can be used up to 3.5bar boost pressure
  • 52mm controller with color-adjustable OLED display (7 colors)
  • Display of Boost Pressure (psi), Injection Quantity, Fluid Level, Power Nozzle Activation and Can detect a clogged line or pump. 
  • Prime / Pump Test Button

Tank and Pump:

Each kit comes standard with a 2.5 gallon tank and integrates low level switch that the controller reads. Additionally, we have created a custom mounting plate that angles the tank and promotes more gravity fed flow to the pump. Other kits have flat bottoms that allow air to be sucked in when running low and can prematurely make your pump fail! 

On GLC63 vehicles, the tank and pump are mounted in the trunk. 

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