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W204 C250 High Flow Intake System

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ModalWorks High Flow C250 Intake System, orders begin shipping again on Jun 5th, 2023

The ModalWorks High Flow Intake System for the W204 Mercedes Benz C250 removes many of the limitations of the stock intake system. It expands the tubing diameter to 3.5”, and relocates the air filter to the front of the engine and connects to the OEM air inlet. To avoid heat soaking, we provide an aluminum heat shield with a carbon fiber lid.

This is simply the best aftermarket intake for the W204 C250 on the market. It provides real world results proven on the street. 

Key Features:

  • Increased Horsepower and Torque, +30WHP and 30lb-ft of toque at high rpm

  • 40-100mph reduction of 0.9s on stock vehicles
  • Intoxicating turbo spools

  • Reduced heat soak providing fresh air with a fully enclosed heat shield

  • Average of 18° cooler intake air temperatures over the OEM system
  • Improved aesthetics with quality carbon fiber accents

Intake Kit Includes:

  • 3.5” High Flow Air Filter

  • 3.5” Aluminum Intake Pipe

  • 4-Ply Silicone Coupler

  • Fully Enclosed Stainless Steel Heat Shield

  • Carbon Fiber Heat Shield Lid

  • Optional Black Ram Air Inlet Scoop

Installation instructions HERE

THESE PARTS ARE LEGAL FOR USE ONLY IN COMPETITION RACING VEHICLES AS DEFINED UNDER CALIFORNIA LAW, AND ARE NOT LEGAL FOR USE IN ANY OTHER MOTOR VEHICLE. California law defines a "racing vehicle" as "a competition vehicle not used on public highways." (Calif. Health & Safety Code 39048) These parts may only be used on competition racing vehicles operated exclusively on a closed course in conjunction with a sanctioned racing event. Competition-only motor vehicles may not be driven to a racing event on a public highway and must be transported on a trailer or other carrier. USE OF THESE PARTS IN ANY OTHER VEHICLE MAY SUBJECT YOU TO FINES AND PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION OF FEDERAL AND/OR STATE LAW, WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY FROM ModalWorks, Inc. , AND CAN VOID YOUR VEHICLE'S WARRANTY. It is your responsibility to comply with all applicable federal and state laws relating to use of these parts, and ModalWorks, Inc. hereby disclaims any liability resulting from the failure to use these parts in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws.

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