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W204 C250 Catch Can Kit

Modal Works
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 Higher boost leads to more crankcase pressure. That pressure carries oil particles right into your intake system, lining your turbocharger and intercooler with oil. The ModalWorks Catch Can for the C250 intercepts the OEM crankcase pressure path to catch the oil mist before reaching your intake system. Venting the crankcase properly makes seals & gaskets last longer and reduces oil accumulation in intercoolers and intake piping to ensure your intercooler is operating at an optimal level. 

Our sleek design replaces the stock plastic tube with billet 6061-T6 aluminum adapters and 4-ply, 1" silicone tubing.  

Black kits fit directly to the Mishimoto catch can hose barbs. Blue kits come with adapter fittings to install onto the catch can itself. Black kits do not come with additional barb fittings as they are not needed. 

Product Features

  • Single bolt-in design
  • Sleek billet 6061-T6 aluminum adapters
  • 4-ply silicone lines
  • Built-in level level in the catch can to identify fluid level
  • Bottom Drain port on the can itself
  • 100% Direct Fit
  • Must use this catch can if not purchased from ModalWorks directly: Click Here


Installation requires cutting of the combined coolant and breather hose, such that the catch can kit can be installed independently of the plastic coolant line that sits below it. Stay tuned for an upgraded coolant line as well! 

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